Pop Can Filling Machines for Beverage Production http://www.tallyrenee.com Thu, 22 Jul 2021 00:38:18 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Individual POP Can Filling Machine for CSD http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/can-fillers/item/25-csd-can-filler http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/can-fillers/item/25-csd-can-filler Individual POP Can Filling Machine for CSD
The POP can filling system includes three individual machines, can rinsing machine, can filling machine and can sealing machine.
Can Rinser
It is used for flushing empty cans before can filling process. Empty pop can will be conveyed to turning system, then it would be delivered into rinsing system. Empty cans will keep running from start to finish along with the turning system. At the position of entering into rinsing system, all the pop cans will be cleaned up with clean water to achieve aseptic condition. There is to assure slant point in both sides of rinser, whose size could be balanced appropriately when it’s required. Empty pop cans will come in parallel rails from top to end; the waste water will be drained out after pop can washing process.
Can Filler
Can filling machine is useful for filling soft drinks production, without fluid spilled, low energy consumption, high filling accuracy and low worker cost, fully automatic operation, convenient maintenance. In addition, it's advantageous in operation and support after service.
Can sealer
Also named can seaming machine, it can perfectly seam POP can with covers with high working efficiency and accuracy.
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Individual POP Can Filling Machine for Juice http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/can-fillers/item/26-juice-pop-can-filler http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/can-fillers/item/26-juice-pop-can-filler Individual POP Can Filling Machine for Juice
The POP can filling machine consist of three individual systems, pop can rinsing machine, automatic rotary pop can filling machine and tin can sealing machine.
This production line is fully automatic operation, suitable for the production of various beverages or soft drinks, such as coke, soda water, energy drink, juice drink etc. It is an ideal filling machine for beverage industries.
Can Rinsing machine
It is good to wash and flush empty tin can or pop can before beverage filling processing. Empty cans will be sent to star wheels, then transferred into rinsing position automatically. All the pop cans will be cleaned up by water thoroughly. With inclination angle in the rinsing system, empty cans will be rolling along parallel guiding rails, the waste water will be drained out after washing.
Can filling machine is very high efficiency for filling beverage and soft drinks, no liquid spilled, low energy consumption and save much labor cost. 
Can seaming machine can perfectly seam pop cans with lids with high working efficiency, low working noise, high sealing accuracy and low defective rate.
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2 in 1 POP Can Filling Machine http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/can-fillers/item/27-2-in-1-can-filler http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/can-fillers/item/27-2-in-1-can-filler 2 in 1 POP Can Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

It YL series aluminum POP can filling machine, aluminum POP can filler is suitable for filling and capping carbonated beverage, beer etc. It adopts advanced filling technology, electrical equipment, and pneumatic controlling unit. Also featured with of high filling accuracy, high speed, precise liquid level control, stable capping, frequency conversion timing, reduce the waste of raw material.
It is the best choice of filler for the midsize beer and beverage industries.


Can rinser
It can automatically upload empty cans which piled on pallet layer by layer, by lifting and pushing them into the conveyor. After can arrive in rinsing position, rinser start to work to rinse and sterilize the inner side and surface of aluminum can. All raw materials adopt food grade stainless steel SUS304. This can rinser can suit different shapes of metal cans for can washing process, and it’s the perfect beverage machine model for large and medium canning plant.

Can filler and can seamer
This machine combines two operation functions, can filling and can seamer, which adopts highest internal technology for can filling and capping, present a new technology standard in this filed. The filling system adopts equal liquid level technology to assure precisely filling, and high filling efficiency.

The capping process is automatically controlled with PLC programmer controlling system, and operating with pneumatic controlling structure. Production output capacity is flexible and adjustable with PLC system.

The whole machine body made of high quality stainless steel, which assure the working structure compact, clean and deluxe. And the controlling system is also optional with long distance controlling system, which can easily meeting high quality requirement from high end customer. To meet clients different requirement flexibly, the steam jet device is optional to enhance purity of filling process.

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