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The BJG series Alcohol bottle filler mainly used in glass bottles filling.
It is popular in alcohol drink filling industry, including wine filling, Vodka filling, Whisky filling, and Agave filling, vinegar etc. The bottle lid can be metal crown cap or aluminum screw-cap, plastic cap etc.
In the alcohol filling system, bottle upgrade system can be constructed as mechanical mode or pneumatic mode, and the pre-holding parts ensure bottles perform smoothly.
Based on innovative technique overseas, and designed according to filling processing demands of beer, Vodka, Whisky, Agave, wine or other alcohol drinks.
Alcohol bottle filler for glass bottle includes the function of bottle rinsing system, bottle filling system and bottle capping system together.
When the bottle enters into the bottle filling system of 3-in-1 monobloc Alcohol bottle filler through screw by convey system. Alcohol filling valve driving by the cam can realize moving up and down. Alcohol drink filling valve opens and alcohol filling start when it moves down and touches the bottle neck, the bottle filling valve lifting up after the alcohol filling process complete, the filled alcohol bottle moves forward to the capping position with star wheels. The guard plate holds bottle neck upright not rotating. It can complete a whole capping cycle, from cap fetching, cap pressing, cap screwing, to discharging through the action of the cam.
Bottle rinsing system
Rotary bottle flushing system: good for cleaning up wine bottle, Vodka, and other alcohol soft drinks bottle.
Bottle flushing water pipe adopts with pressure gauge and pressure maintaining valve
The rinsing contact parts and outer cover adopt the stainless steel material.
The new bottle conveys through the separation screwer and star wheels by the gripper and turn over device; bottle neck is held upwards, after aseptic water flushing, the bottle neck moves up and delivered to next working position for bottle filling process.
The bottle in place is installed with pneumatic parts, controlling the bottle convey stablely, avoiding the bottles falling down and enters into the main machine.
Bottle filling system
Main drive adopt gear driving system independent, high efficiency, less working noise, long service life, maintenance-free, transducer can control the main motor speed, alcohol drink filling machine adopt variable-frequency variable speed.
Alcohol bottle filling machine's valve adopts double vacuums to avoid oxygen left in bottles and extend the alcohol drink shelf life, with mechanical valve, High speed and big flow, the high accuracy filling valve, filling speed fast, the liquid level is stable.
The important parts of alcohol bottling machine and electrical elements are imported units from oversea markets.
Filling product can be controlled automatically and have CIP flushing connector.
The performance of alcohol drink filling machine can be controlled automatically by PLC system.
Filling product liquid level adopts liquid level probe controlling system, liquid level steady, filling in high accuracy.
Bottle capping system for Crow Metal Caps
Rotary capping system knife stuck on the only bottleneck location, keeping the bottle upright and prevent rotation. bottle capping head to remain upwards in the revolution and rotation, under the action of the cam to achieve grasping cap, capping, cap pressing, cap off action, complete the whole capping process. Management of capping system is allocated in the top cover, through drop-cap rail and cover plate connected capping system. Completed bottle through the bottle capping system sent from the click wheel to the bottle conveyor chains, conveyor chains send out the triple play by the filling machine, into the next process.
•Adopting equal pressure filling technique and current spring valves in order to assure beverage quality.
•Japan PLC microchip control with touch-screen interface, full-automatic multiple-function of bottle flushing system, bottle filling system and bottle capping system.
•JAPAN Omron photoelectric switches for solenoid valve.
•Taiwan AIRTAC pneumatic systems.
•Sealing parts are made of heat-proofing rubber, in order to meet the technique requirements of users to sterilization at high temperature. Using programmable controller to realize fully automatic control from bottles entering to completing packing, using transducer as speed regulator, so the user can regulate the machine easily to suit different power equipments
•Italy AROL capping technique, by using innovative magnetic coupler to regulate cap-screwing torque, in order to assure capping quality.
•The gravity fixed liquid surface filling is adopted.
•Spring cramps are used in the bottle flushing process. The empty bottles can be turned over 180° along the conveying rail.
•The production capacity can be displayed digitally and can be regulated conveniently.
•Automatic photo electricity detection and automatic break-down when malfunction occurs
•High efficiency of rinsing, there are two times of internal and external rinsing.
•The magnetic torque is adopted for screw capping.
•The power of screw capping can be regulated without steps.
•Its performance is as following: all parts, for instance, filling valve, which directly contact medium, are made of stainless steel or harmless material. So it conforms to the requirements of Food sanitation.
•Well protection for caps, the power of the screw capping can be fixed to avoid any damage of caps.
•The amount of the drinks in the storage tank can be controlled automatically.
•Bottle sensor is adopted, when there is no bottle, filing and capping will stop automatically.
•Caps sensor is adopted, when bottles are cramped wrongly or when caps are not available, the machine can be stopped automatically.
•The frequency changing technique is used to regulate the operation speed
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Glass bottle rinsing filling capping machine for alcohol drinks Glass bottle rinsing filling capping machine for alcohol drinks
The glass bottle washing/filling/capping three-in-one machine is a new product developed on the basis of the introduction of Italian filling technology. The machine integrates flushing/rinsing, filling and capping, with scientific and reasonable design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, and high automation. Mainly suitable for alcohol filling of glass bottles. A variety of bottle types are available for a small number of parts.
The rack

The structural high-quality countertop and channel steel are used as the chassis, and the exterior is 304 stainless steel layer, 304 stainless steel body frame, stainless steel adjustable foot.

Bottle feeding mechanism

The bottle feeding method of the upper bottle conveying line and the bottle dial feeding wheel is directly connected. The use of the dial bottle holding type transmission technology, stable entry into the filling position, the user does not need to adjust the height of the device when changing the bottle shape, just replace the nylon wheel and the bottle guard plate.

Rotary bottle washing section?

The number of bottle holders is 18, and the bottle holders are stable and reliable, and the rinsing efficiency is high. More rinsing stations are set up, which shortens the rinsing time (can be extended by about 15%), which can improve the rinsing effect. The rotating discs are all welded with stainless steel AISI304. The inverted bottle clamp is used, and the bottle clamp holding the bottleneck portion, thereby avoiding possible contamination to the screw thread portion of the bottle mouth by the rubber clamp on the conventional bottle clamp.?

Rotary filling system

The number of filling valves is?
18, and the contact parts with the product are both 304 stainless steel. The inner and outer surfaces of the filling cylinder are mirror polished.

The filling machine adopts German technology and satisfies the requirements of full filling required for filling.

Rotary capping system

The number of capping heads is 6, and the horizontal capping type capper has the function of not damaging the surface of the cap; and automatically transmits the signal to feed caps when the hopper has less cap.

Caps sorting system

Cap sorter, reducing the secondary pollution of the cap, 304 stainless steel caps dropping slot, sorter compartment and dropping slot with the electronic?cap-less detection system, automatic control of the cap feeder and the whole machine running speed. It can realize no bottle and no cap.


?Power system

Frequency control, each moving mechanism adopts open gear transmission, which has high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance and stable operation. Each bottle star wheel is an engineering plastic part with a safety protection mechanism to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

Electronic control system

The electric control cabinet PLC automatically completes the whole process control of the three-in-one bottle machine from the bottle to the bottle. Operate with a touchscreen



1)The advanced frequency control system is adopted, and the key electrical components are all internationally renowned?brands of products.

2)It is convenient to replace the bottle type by using the lower holder type filling.

3)Spring-type rinsing bottle clamp and the empty bottle is automatically rotated 180 degrees with the track, the inside and outside are flushed twice, and the rinsing efficiency is high.

4)Pressure type filling liquid level positioning, quantitative and accurate.

5)Magnetic torque type capping head ensures tightness without damaging the cap.

6)Use the filling head to move up and down, and the bottles run on the same level to ensure the stability of the bottle.

7)The machine is low in noise and comparable to international counterparts.

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