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STEPLEAD?PacTek large-capacity barreled pure water filling machine 5?gallon?bottled water production line equipment is suitable for barrel water production, integrating rinsing, filling and capping/sealing. It is an ideal equipment for producing drinking mineral water. The whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel. The material is corrosion-resistant, and the downstream conveyor is equipped with a thick stainless steel chain, which is not easy to break. The powerful motor is strong enough to drive the conveyor?to stably deliver?the bottled water. The electrical components are Siemens, Omron, Festo?and?many?other international famous brands. The production line is controlled by an electrical program, with interlocking, signal, and self-tested situation?safety device.


Working principle

STEPLEAD?PacTek large-capacity barreled pure water filling machine 5?gallon?bottled water production line equipment water filling line adopts programmable control system to operate automatically, power transmission adopts geared motor and pneumatic control system, reliable performance, easy operation and simple maintenance.?STEPLEAD?PacTek large-volume bottled pure water filling machine 5?gallon?bottled water production line equipment, its?entire process of washing, filling, capping all?carried out in a closed tunnel, effectively preventing the pure water from secondary pollution during the filling process, fully?comply with the hygiene standards. The system is made of high-quality stainless steel materials, and other parts are also made of non-toxic and durable composite materials. The electrical and pneumatic systems use imported components, so the equipment has?a low?failure rate and high reliability.

STEPLEAD?PacTek large-capacity barreled pure water filling machine 5?gallon?bottled water production line equipment is completed by secondary filling. The filling valve is a new type of filling valve. During the filling process, when the detecting switch detects the barrel, the flap cylinder moves upward, and at the same time, the water pneumatic valve is inserted, the filling cylinder moves downward, and the filling valve is opened to start filling. When the filling time signal is input to the PLC, the filling inlet valve is closed, the small flow continues to fill the filling for two seconds, after the filling is completed, the filling cylinder moves upwards, the filling valve is automatically closed; then the conveyor chain starts,?the?five gallons bucket is delivered to the capping station?by the conveyor chain. Controlled by the time relay, the liquid level is accurate, no water is sprayed, the finished water is not wasted, and the excellent filling effect.

The design of the main chain cylinder of the equipment is reasonable, the lifting is smooth and coordinated, and the maintenance and adjustment are convenient. The internal washing is flushed under pressure, sprayed evenly, and the inner wall of the barrel is sprayed with pressure water. The water pressure at each nozzle is 0.25 MPa or more; the outer spray is washed for each process. A pressure gauge is installed on the rinsing?pipe to observe the rinsing?pressure.


1. Washing the bottle part:
(1) bottle washing mechanism; (2) bottle holder; (3)?a detergent?washing?pump; (4) detergent?tank; (5) pure water pump; (6) transmission chain.
2. Filling part:
(1) filling cylinder; (2) filling valve; (3) cap sorting?motor and sleeving?device; (4) cap pressing?cylinder and pressing device.
3. Electrical parts:
It consists of a microcomputer programmer and an electric control box.

1. Cap sorting device: It is equipped with a storage box and a rotary sorter.
2. Capping?method: cylinder type capping. Ensure the seal of the capping;
3. Filling parameters: filling utilization rate ≥90%, cap damage?≤1%, filling capacity up to standard (within the specified range) positive and negative difference 5mm, no significant difference in liquid level.On-site operation: The on-site operation screen is installed next to the filling machine to realize local control, display the working status of the filling line, and have the function of separate manual control; when there is a fault, it can display the fault (such as the motor, liquid level, etc.) And the cause of the fault, and there is an audible and visual alarm, and the system selectively shuts down depending on the alarm level to protect the safety of the equipment.
5. Suitable for bottle type: 3 gallons, 5 gallons of barreled drinking?water production.
6.?Full functions: The whole machine integrates rinsing, filling and capping functions.
7.?The scope?of application: ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, distilled water, and?purified water.
8. The whole machine is made of?high-quality?stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The main electrical components are all SIEMENS, OMRON, Mitsubishi products, the pneumatic system using imported AirTAC?or Festo?quality products.
9. Safety protection devices made of aluminum alloy, engineering plastics, and?carbon steel spray plating meet the national standards.
10. The use of side-entry bucket mode: small footprint, simplify the conveyor system in front of the palletizing machine, reduce the investment cost of the entire line equipment.
11. Frame structure: The four columns are stressed, the structure is more advanced and reasonable, the movement is lighter and smoother, and the power consumption is smaller.


Turkey solution of filling line?
automatic decapping machine→automatic brushing machine→automatic barrel?loading?machine→automatic washing and disinfection→automatic filling→automatic cap sorting, capping, pressing→lighting→automatic heat shrinkable labeling?machine → automatic bagging machine


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600BPH 5 gallon bottle fillers http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/5-gallon/item/97-600bph-5-gallon-bottle-fillers http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/5-gallon/item/97-600bph-5-gallon-bottle-fillers 600BPH 5 gallon bottle fillers


B5G series 3 in 1 water filling machine, also called monobloc water filler for 3 gallon - 5 gallon bottles is specially designed to fill the purified water and the distilled water, mineral water and other bacteria free water. As bottle filling machine integrates the processes of bottle washing, bottle filling, cap dropping, bottle capping and finished product delivering, water filling machine is able to complete bottle rinsing/bottle washing, bottle filling, and bottle capping/bottle sealing processing. It is the ideal choice of bottled water filling plant. Bottle filling capacity ranges from 60BPH to 2000BPH.

Features of bottle filling machine:

  • Bottled?water filling machine?including below working steps, from empty bottle loading for bottle washing -> bottle washing with detergent liquid rinse and pure water rinse -> bottle moves forward to water filling system -> ozone sterilizer (Optional purchase) -> pure water bottle filling system -> cap sorting and cap feeding with cap feeder -> bottle capping with bottle capper -> finished bottled water output.
  • Bottle water filling machine is compatible for bottling bottles from 3, 5gallon 6 gallon. If you want it to fill larger bottle than 5 gallon, please do send us your bottle sample or bottle drawing with detail bottle specification, then we can work out right water bottling machine as per your special requirement.
  • Whole operation of bottle filling machine is controlled by automatic PLC programmer system. The PLC system normally from LG, Mitsubishi or Siemens.
    High precisely and automatically operation, energy saved, environmental friendly and less labor needed.
  • Drive motor, pressure pump most of them adopt reliable Chinese export standard products, if customer have high requirement in quality, international famous brands also available for option with slight additional cost.
  • Water filling machine adopts high quality stainless steel material SS304 for machine body.
  • The non-metal parts of?bottle filler?adopt innocuous and endurable PP plastic raw material to produce.
  • Bottle water filling machine can be optional installed with hot CLO2 detergent bottle sterilizing for further bottle washing and cleaning.
  • Only famous electric components supplier adopted for supplying all main electric components of water filling machine. Quick installation, stable and reliable operation,
  • Easy and fast installation for complete water filling machine.
  • The bottle filling time and water filling level can be flexible to be adjusted according to user's different requirement.
  • Low pressure protection device, when incoming air's pressure is lower than 0.5MPa, PLC will send signal to stop the machine bottle washing, bottle filing and bottle capping automatically.
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300BPH 5 gallon rinsing filling capping machine http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/5-gallon/item/119-300bph-5-gallon-rinsing-filling-capping-machine http://www.tallyrenee.com/index.php/pr/5-gallon/item/119-300bph-5-gallon-rinsing-filling-capping-machine 300BPH 5 gallon rinsing filling capping machine

The 300BPH bottle Filler is the core equipment for the 3 gallon, 5 gallon bottled drinking water production line. It is an ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, distilled water and pure water.

The equipment draws on the advanced technical performance and advantages of domestic and foreign filling equipment, and has the characteristics of full function, low energy consumption, small scale, low investment and high automation.

The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel square tube frame and stainless steel wire drawing board.


It is compact in structure, elegant in appearance and novel in design.

It adopts electric and gas integrated controlling system for fully automatic operation, which greatly improves the stability of work process;

It integrates automatic liquid disinfection & circulation water washing, pure water washing, insert type filling, cap sorting, cap hanging and cap pressing. The operation is simple and convenient, and the performance is stable and reliable.

It is an ideal filling production equipment for drinking water manufacturers. In order to relieve heavy manual labor, the filling production line can be fully automatic control production, integrating automatic online de-capping, barrel washing, disinfecting & rinsing, circulating water washing, pure water washing, automatic filling, cap sorting and sealing, cap label shrinking, batch code printing, bottle bagging, palletizing, PROSTACK rack loading, fully automatic integrated and closed management, truly non-bacterial production.

The machine is a flushing, filling and capping machine. It adopts the cylinder capping. The valve has CAP reflow function. The caps storage chamber designed with an hourly output.

The flushing pressure is displayed. The 316 pipe fittings must be used for the finished water.

The internal pressure is not less than 0.28 MPA, the time is not less than 16 seconds, and the external pressure is about 0.2 MPA.

The lye and the disinfectant respectively have heating systems.

The main electrical components are SIEMENS and OMRON products, and the original pneumatic components are imported AIRTAC products.

Both the inner and outer nozzles for washing the bottles are made of imported American spray company's unique technical equipment.

The line equipment is compact in structure, high in work efficiency, stable and reliable, sensitive in action and high in automation. It is a fully automatic bottling machine integrated with mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems.

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